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Application of Differential Transformation Method (DTM) for bending Analysis of Functionally Graded Circular Plates


In this paper, based on classical plate theory, circular functionally graded plates (FGPs) are investigated using transformation method (DTM). The Poisson's ratios of the FGM plates are assumed to be constant whereas modulus of elasticity defined in power-law form. The material properties vary arbitrarily along the thickness of the plate. In this study, DTM as relatively new techniques is implemented to investigate the influence of the material gradients, transverse loading and boundary conditions on static response of FG circular plates. The plate is exposed to uniform, linear and parabolic transverse loading. The derived formulation in this paper has capability for analyzing the bending behavior of circular plates, in case of transverse symmetrical loadings with any arbitrary distribution. Some numerical examples are given and comparisons are made between present results and the known results in the literature.The numerical results demonstrate that DTM is quite accurate and efficient for this kind of problems.

Key words

Circular plate, Bending analysis, Differential transformation method

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