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The study of appropriate marketing strategy for the non-metallic mineral industries


The purpose of this study is to determine the marketing strategy suitable for the tile industry. In order to, First, we use three macro-level environmental analysis (using Pest analysis), Environment industry (with using Porter's competitive model and Calculation of industry attractiveness scores) and internal environment analysis (in Porter's value chain model), strengths and weaknesses Points and the opportunities and threats identification and with formation and analysis of SWOT matrix, The initial strategy was developed and with consideration of the current position of the organization (based on The analysis of the position of the IE Matrix in maintaining position. Redefine the mission and goals, The analysis of Industry attractiveness score (final score of the tiles industry, Semnan province was equal with 3112, which is an indication of the industry attractiveness average for this industry ), Analysis of the product life curve (State of maturity for tiles industry) and Marketing analysis was adjusted and finalized and appropriate marketing strategy (1- Identify external target markets and use of differentiation and product diversity strategy. 2-Identify internal target markets and the use of differentiation strategy and 3-Strengthen research and development and use of other countries' experiences and Saving in research costs and development through a focus on research in new areas) with Using nonlinear programming approach zero and one, and in light of Porter's competitive model, was chosen.

Key words

Mareting strategy, industry attractiveness, Porter five competitive forces, nonlinear programming, the tile industryk

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