Vol. 2, Issue 8, August 2013

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Relationships between density and diversity of macroinvertebrates and some properties of bottom sediments at different locations, from the coast to Caspian Sea, Gomishan Wetland, Iran Written by Fakhrieh Shirood Mirzaie; Rasoul Ghrobani; Seyyed Abbas Hoseini; Omid Abdi 1824
Environmental-Friendly Ballpoint and Highlighter Ink Using Pigments from Chromobacterium Violaceum and Serratia Marcescens Written by Nur Nazrina Ahmad Sabri; Shahla Namazkar; Wan Azlina Ahmad 3288
Role of Carbon Content in the Reaction of Elemental Titanium-Boron-Carbon Mixture and Characteristics of TiB2-TiC Products Written by M. Akhtari Zavareh; M. Hamdi; R. G. Rahbari; M. Amiri Roudan 1751
The Effect of cutoff curtain location on phreatic seepage line and seepage discharge by numerical finite volumes method Written by Rasool Ghobadian; Ali Fattahi Choghabaghi; Sabah Mohamadi 2494
Analyzing the Force and Current Profiles using Pneumatic and Servo Based Electrode Actuation System for Resistance Spot Welding Written by Nachimani Charde 1819
The Existence of Periodic Solutions in a Certain Class of Nonlinear Fourth Order Autonomous ODE’s Written by Morteza Bayat; Zahra Khatami 1707
Fabrication and Characterization of Superhydrophobic Layer of Low Density Polyethylene on Polypropylene Hollow Fiber Membrane Written by A. L. Ahmad; H. N. Mohammed; B. S. Ooi; C. P. Leo 1990
Agronomic Performance of Oriental Pepper (Capsicum annum L) Cultivars in a Sub-tropical Environment Written by Michael T. Masarirambi; Ryan C. Ndadzungira; Arnold B. Mashigaidze; Tariro Masarirambi 1772