Law of Control Agencies on Water Pollution: Legal Structure, Administration and Regulations


Regardless of geographic location, the causes and problems of water pollution are basically the same throughout the world. Wherever it occurs, people have accepted nature's most valuable resource-water-and in their zeal to establish and expand communities and industries, have permitted it to be polluted by the discharge of sewage and industrial wastes in the cheapest and most convenient manner into the nearest watercourse. Eventually the health authority, the farmer, the fisherman, and the industrialist have realized the immeasurable losses that have occurred and have invoked man-made laws in an attempt to recoup the losses already incurred by their violation of nature's laws. Real progress in pollution abatement has been made only as provinces, states, river basins, and nations have enacted laws giving balanced consideration to all the interests involved; when one particular group or interest has dominated the administration of pollution control activities they have been ineffective.


Legal basis; Pollution; Regulations; Water;

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