Using ANP and TOPSIS approach for siting MSW; A Case Study: Sirjan-Iran


Currently, with landfill the high amounts of waste remains and consumer waste, various pollutants come from hazardous waste sites based on interactions of substances in the waste and municipal waste landfills can seriously damage the health and environmental aspects if you do not select the correct site and proper positioning. There is no exception for Sirjan county too and given that the lack of comprehensive studies about the current landfill, it will be necessary to environmentally evaluate the area, and other proposed alternatives. The aim of this research is studying and checking the status of proposed landfill sites in the Sirjan County and rank and prioritize them, with aim to help facilitate the management operations in order to select the appropriate location for landfill in the Sirjan County. Therefore, in this research after library studies, and collecting the needed maps, field surveys were done in order to determine and collect details of each of the landfills and then they were evaluated based on climate, geomorphologic, hydrologic, environmental and economic-social criteria by using TOPSIS and ANP (Analytical Network Process) methods. The results showed that of the three proposed alternatives for municipal solid waste landfill in the Sirjan county including; A1, A2 and A3, alternative A3 is in the first priority for landfill site and after that A1 and A2 are second and third ones, respectively.


ANP; TOPSIS; Evaluation; Landfill;

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