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Effect of Channelization on the Stability of Kulim River


This study investigates the impact of channelization on the morphology and sediment transport potential of a 21 km reach of Kulim River in Malaysia. Historical evidence and field data indicate that the bank erosion causes a serious and regular hazard in urban settlements around Kulim River. The sedimentation and river morphology in the Kulim River was simulated based on mathematical model FLUVIAL-12 for years 1998 to 2003 by assuming the river bank was protected to evaluate the effect of channelization on stability of river. The results of simulation of Kulim River in case of unprotected river bank for long term illustrate that most of cross sections had channel widening and bed channel degradation occurred with large change in vertical direction and also channel scouring increased by time. In the case of river bank protection for long term period the result shows the general degradation occurred in bed channel and the thalweg in protected river bank is deeper than the thalweg of river in normal condition. Cross sections had vertical erosion in the bed and river bed scoured in rectangular shape.

Key words

Channelization, FLUVIAL-12, Sediment transport

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