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Soil Strength improvement by using a new compound stabilizer


Soil is used as a base material in various engineering infrastructures such as roads, canal beds, retaining walls, embankments, pavements etc. Therefore, improving the soil characteristics is very important in civil engineering for structural stability purposes. This paper describes the results of geotechnical investigations on treated silty sand soil with cement, lime and rice husk ash (CLR). treated specimens were prepared with CLR contents varying from 2.5% to 12.5% by dry weight of the soil and laboratory tests after 7, 28 and 60 days were conducted including the, plasticity limits, Compaction tests and unconfined compressive tests. From the results, it was found that by increasing the CLR content both liquid and plastic limits of soil increased. Also, it was found that maximum dry density of treated soil decreased and optimum moisture content increased with the increase in CLR content. Finally, it is observed that unconfined compressive strength (qu) of treated soil was increased significantly by increasing of CLR content and curing time.

Key words

Cement; Lime; Rice husk ash; Soil strength improvement

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