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Monitoring of Formaldehyde Concentration at Two Selected Libraries in Universiti Sains Malaysia


Formaldehyde (HCHO) is present in many substances that are commonly found in the buildings. There are serious health effects for people who are exposed to the HCHO in the air especially in the unventilated room. This study was carried out in the library of Engineering Campus (EC) and Advanced Medical and Dental Institute (AMDI), Universiti Sains Malaysia to measure and compare the levels of HCHO. Data were collected on the main structural characteristics of the buildings and other meteorological parameters such as temperature and relative humidity were also monitored by using formaldemeter. Measurements were taken during weekdays and weekend services in the library. Maximum concentration of HCHO was recorded in AMDI library with 0.06 ppm compared to EC library 0.057 ppm. The relationships between HCHO concentrations with meteorological parameters were identifical and the temperature in the monitored libraries was mostly acceptable but the relative humidity tends to be much higher than minimum level 50-70%. Additional control experiment was done to investigate the patterns of HCHO concentrations from two types of paint that is normal latex paint and anti HCHO latex paint within the specific time. The results showed that the normal latex paint contain about 21.62% more of HCHO concentration than anti HCHO latex paint.

Key words

indoor air, formaldemeter, anti formaldehyde latex paint, normal latex paint, meteorological effects

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