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Early Warning System for Transmission Tower Landslide Hazard Monitoring in Malaysia


A major number of transmission towers that networked the electricity distribution throughout Malaysia have been in existing for over 40 years and some traversed through very remote and high altitude areas like the Titiwangsa range that forms the backbone of the Malay Peninsula. The hazard risks on these towers are of a national concern. A joint project under JICA/JST and government of Malaysia has started in June 2011 that looked into developing an early warning system for monitoring landslide hazards at selected transmission towers. This paper reports on the challenges of the work and provides an overall concept of an early warning system design for a site in remote Kelantan. The early warning system for landslide monitoring concept comprise of consolidating satellite data, real time monitoring through ground sensors, geotechnical data and historical data of the site and coming up with a predictive decision support system for landslide warning. A centralized data acquisition system center located in UNITEN would integrate the data from the various sources and provide risk assessment through a decision support system for the site in Kelantan. A notification and escalation tool would be built in the decision support system that can notify the necessary stake holder of the landslide risk in the area. One main challenge is the site itself which is about 500m above sea level deep in the rainforest area of Kenyir. The site and surrounding area has been identified with signs of slope failure. Another point of design concern is the real time slope monitoring sensors reliability and data integrity from the remote area.

Key words

Early warning System, Centralised Data Acquisition System

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