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Prediction of landslide using Rainfall Intensity-Duration Threshold along East-West Highway, Malaysia


Landslide is one of the most common hazards occurring worldwide. One of the main factors which trigger landslide occurrence is rainfall precipitation. The impact of rainfall precipitation with higher intensities causes the slope stability to decrease due to the infiltration process in inducing landslide. Consequently, the prediction of rainfall precipitation that can trigger landslide occurrence was carried out based on rainfall threshold. In this paper, landslide events and rainfall precipitation have been analysed using daily rainfall data from Kuala Kenderong and Kg. Jeli along the Gerik-Jeli Highway. The rainfall induced landslide was investigated by applying the cumulative rainfall method which comprises the reconstruction of absolute antecedent rainfall for 20 landslide events. Computations of return period for rainfall amount duration and intensity using Gumbel Distribution was carried out to determine the rainfall duration that influenced landslide events. However, available rainfall data and landslide event for this study area cannot be modeled by typical exponential relationship between cumulative rainfall (E) and rainfall duration (D). This was due to spatial information such as lithology, soil and geomorphological characteristics that control the initiation of landslides.

Key words

Landslide, Return Period, Absolute Antecedent Rainfall, Critical Rainfall Intensity, Critical Rainfall Duration

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