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Impact Resistance of Concrete with Low Amount of Powder Rubber as Cement Replacements


Due to the high cost of disposal and the requirement of large landfill area for waste rubber, the issue of random and illegal dumping is alarming. Hence, there is an urgent need to identify alternative solutions to reuse the tire rubber for other applications, and concrete has been identified to be one of the feasible options. Effects of partial replacements of cement by waste powder rubber on the performance of concrete under impact three-point bending loading were investigated. Specimens were prepared for 5% replacement by volume of cement. For plain and rubberized concrete, three beams of 50 mm ×100 mm × 500mm were loaded to failure in a drop-weight impact machine by subjected it to 20 N weight from 400mm height. The result appeared that the powder rubber could yield significant enhancement in the impact resistance.

Key words

Powder rubber; rubberized concrete; impact energy

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