Vol. 2, (Proceedings of AICCE'12 & GIZ' 12); March 2013

Title Author Hits
Effective Microorganisms for Concrete (EMC) Admixture – Its Effects to the Mechanical Properties of Concrete Written by Tan Cheng Siong Andrew, Ibrahim Izni Syahrizal and Mohd. Yatim Jamaluddin 2682
Modelling of Chloride Concentration in Coastal Aquifers Using Artificial Neural Networks – A Case Study: Khanyounis Governorate Gaza Strip - Palestine Written by Jawad S. Alagha, Md Azlin Md Said, Yunes Mogheir and Mohammed Seyam 1441
Effect of Motorcycles for Free-Flow Speed at Basic Segment Expressway in Malaysia Written by Hazwaruaida Muhammad and Leong Lee Vien 1388
Regional Geotechnical Information Databases in Japan and Funding Methods Written by Hiroaki Todo, Koji Yamamoto and Ryo Wakabayashi 1368
Surface Moisture Content Retrieval from Visible/Thermal Infrared Images and Field Measurements Written by Abdalhaleem Abdalla Hassaballa, Abdul Nasir Bin Matori and Helmi Zulhaidi bin Mohd Shafri 1494
Water Quality Monitoring on Golden Arowana (Scleropages formosus) Aquaculture Farm at Bukit Merah, Malaysia Written by Nur Atiqah A.A, Abustan I, Syafalni and Mahyun A.W 2422
An Assessment of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Dispersive Clay Treated with Lime Written by A H Vakili , M R Selamat and H Moayedi 1599
Water Loss Estimation Using Minimum Night Flow in Kinta Valley, Malaysia Written by Jaber M. A. Alkasseh, Mohd Nordin Adlan, Hj. Ismail Abustan and Abu Bakar Mohamad Hanif 2069
Nitrification in Suspended Growth Bioreactor for Treating Seafood Wastewater Written by Bakar. R. Baker, Abu Ahmed Mokammel Haque and Hamidi A. Aziz 1655
Performance of Sewage Oxidation Pond in USM Engineering Campus Written by Siti Khadijah Esa, Abu Ahmed Mokammel Haque and M. F. Murshed 1911
Spatial Associations between Poverty and Vulnerability Written by Jahan B. Moral, R. Rainis and Abu Ahmed Mokammel Haque 1439
Early Age Tests to Predict 28 Days Compressive Strength of Concrete Written by Monjurul Hasan and Ahsanul Kabir 5385
Seismic Design and Capacity of Medium Height Reinforced Concrete Building Written by Sarmad A. Ali and Taksiah A. Majid 2024
The Performance of TLD in Displacement Response Reduction of Structure under Harmonic Analysis Written by Hossein Shad and Azlan Adnan 1436
Determining Flow-Density Asymmetric Curve using Direct Empirical Approach Written by Hashim Mohammed Alhassan, Nordiana Mashros and Johnnie Ben-Edigbe 1557
Characterization of Palm Oil Mill Effluent: A Comparative Study Written by Ali Huddin Ibrahim, Irvan Dahlan, Mohd Nordin Adlan and Arezoo Fereidonian Dashti 2230
Three Dimensional Dynamic Analysis of Interaction Soil-Pile with Coupling Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Boundary Element Method (BEM) Written by Ali Hekmat, Zulkifli Bin Yusop, Mohammadhossein Kashefizadeh and Roozbeh Gholizadeh 2058
Passenger Car Equivalents for Two-Lane Highways in Malaysia Written by Shafida Azyanti Mohd Shafie and Leong Lee Vien 1631
Materials Wastage Estimations on Building Construction Projects in Uganda Written by Lawrence. Muhwezi, Leonard. M. Chamuriho and Ninatubu. M. Lema 1788
Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction under Earthquake Events Written by MahdyKhari, Khairul Anuar Bin Kassim and Azlan Bin Adnan 1704