Vol. 2, (Proceedings of AICCE'12 & GIZ' 12); March 2013

Title Author Hits
Understanding the use of chemical and natural coagulants in the coagulation process: A review Written by Nur Shaylinda Mohd Zin, Hamidi Abdul Aziz, Nordin Mohd Adlan, Azlan Ariffin and Mohd Suffian Yusoff 1731
Potentiality of Palm Oil Biowaste with Poultry Litter for Composting Written by Abu Ahmad Mokammel Haque and Mohammadtaghi Vakili 1375
Evaluation of Pavement Subgrade Strength Using In-Situ Devices Written by Ahmad Kamil Arshad and Norasmah Laili Mat Daud 1697
Prioritization of lifeline components for upgrading using Multi Criteria Decision Making: a case study of highway bridges of Isfahan Written by Ali Yousefi, N. Muhamad Bunnori and Taksiah A. Majid 1119
The Usage of Multi Criteria Decision Support System in Communication Network Planning for Slope Monitoring in Rural Area Written by I. S. Mustafa, N. M. Din, A. Ismail and R. C. Omar 1489
Landslide Prediction Using Numerical Analysis Written by Swee Peng Koay, Habibah Lateh, Naoki Sakai, Toshikazu Morohoshi and Teruki Fukuzono 1097
Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Recycled Asphalt Written by Ninouh Tarek 1064
Factors Influence Labour Productivity and the Impacts on Construction Industry Written by Nurulzatushima Abdul Karim, SitiHafizan Hassan, JuzailahNur Yunus, MohamadZain Hashim 9571
Aerated Rock Filter for Nitrogen Removal from Domestic Wastewater Written by Rafidah Hamdan, Duncan Mara 1607
SensorML-NT: Innovative Geographical Sensor Description Collection for Mobile Devices Handling Environmental Issues Written by Nazi Tabatabaei Yazdi, Chan Huah Yong 1422
Potential Use of Cockle (Anadara granosa) Shell Ash as Partial Cement Replacement in Concrete Written by Nor Hazurina. O, Abu Bakar. B.H, Megat Johari. M.A, Mat Don. M 2415
Modeling Water Balance in Soil Column by Re-Conceptualizing the Double-Ring Infiltration at Northen Region Malaysia SG.Kedah Catchment *slide* Written by Steven Poh Tze Wei, Ismail Abustan, Rozi Abdullah 2461
Speed- Density Linearity Shift Resulting from Mid Block ‘U-Turn’ Facility Written by Raha Rahman, Johnnie Ben-Edigbe 1185
The Effect of Rock Properties on Natm 4 Drillability in The Interstate Raw Water Transfer (ISRWT) Tunnel Project Written by Hazwani Anuar, Hareyani Zabidi 1295
Liquefaction Potential of Soils at Iskandar Malaysia Region Written by Aminaton Marto, Tan Choy Soon, Fauziah Kasim 1754
Correlation of CBR and Resilient Modulus in Subgrade Stabilization Using Fly Ash Written by Fairus Azwan Azizan, Yasmin Ashaari, Ahmad Kamil Arshad 3523
Build Green with Permeable Pavement Systems Written by Mohd Aminur Rashid, Ismail Abustan, Meor Othman Hamzah 1066
The relationships among ground shear strain, shore characteristics and abrasion on the west coast of Bengkulu Province, Indonesia Written by Muhammad Farid, Kirbani Sri Brotopuspito, Wahyudi, Sunarto, Wiwit Suryanto 1295
Numerical simulations for rainfall induced slope failure –rainwater infiltration mechanism and evaluation of slope stability during torrential rainfall Written by Hideki Nakamura, Tomofumi Koyama, Keita Lee, Masayoshi Yamada, Yuzo Ohnishi 1319
Experimental and numerical studies on rainwater infiltration mechanism during torrential rainfall Written by Tomofumi Koyama, Kohei Nagano, Sooyoun Kim, Keita Lee, Yuzo Ohnishi 1163