Vol. 3, Issue 3, March 2014

Title Author Hits
Flood local analysis with multiple regression method (Case study: The Ghezel Ozan Basin in Kurdistan Province in Iran) Written by Mahdi Hesamshariati, Mohammad Hemen Jannati, Sasan Katourany 1422
Experimental Investigation of Curvature Submerge Vane Effects With 90 Degree Radial Section in Efficiency of Vortex Settling Basin Written by Amin Hajiahmadi, Mojtaba Saneie, Mehdi Azhdari Moghadam 1270
Technical Parameters of Forest Roads Comparing with Standards in Zagros Vegetative Zone Written by Seyed Ata ollah Hosseini 1291
Comparison of maximum and resultant magnetic flux density measured by single-axis system in a petrochemical industry Written by Monireh Hosseini, Mohammad Reza Monazzam, Laleh Farhang Matin, Omid Ghasemi Chapi, Habib Allah Aghaei, Hossein Khosroabadi 1630
Estimation of Water requirement of different vegetations, Based on Spectral Data Process Written by Hamid Reza Matinfar 1333
Adjustment comparison of level of organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) of staff in Higher Education (Studied at universities of Ilam) Written by Mohammad Akhshabi, Hassan Givryan 1195