Vol. 3, Issue 9 ,September 2014

Title Author Hits
Developing a BDI Agent Model for Solving Shortest Path Problem on a Raster Data Model Written by Saeed Behzadi, Ali A. Alesheikh 1235
Impact of Governance Indicators on FDI Inflows: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan Written by Anwar Zeshan, Afza Talat 1350
The Trivariate Pseudo Inverse Weibull Distribution Written by Saman Shahbaz, Muhammad Qaiser Shahbaz, Nadeem Shafique Butt, Muhammad Ismail 1351
A New Genetic Algorithm-Based Heuristic to Solve the Synchronized and Integrated Lot Sizing and Scheduling Problem in the Job Shop Environment Written by Omid Poursabzi, Mohammad Mohammadi, Bahman Naderi 1347
Antagonistic Property of Neutrophil Actinomycetes Isolated from Azerbaijan’s Soils Written by Behboodi Elham, Hasanova Sevda, Quliyeva sevindj 1164