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The effect of greenways at river margin on social stability of cities[Case study: Goharrood River]


The landscape is the result of interaction among human and nature where proper design of its elements may create dynamic and inspiring environments among them greenways are one of foremost planning tools in improvement of quality of life that may meet typically variable requirements for community. The aesthetic role and visual preferences of people to observations of surrounding, urban, and natural landscape may be effective in improving quality and strengthening bilateral human- environment relationship and it will be followed by further human’s presence in external space and sense of belonging (attachment) to them. Using idea of greenways and landscape of Goharrood River, Rasht city was analyzed according to formative features and visual utilities. The results derived from this study show that the morphological and biologic elements of greenway as well as its attractiveness possess high potential in achieving urban sustainable landscape and it could record its spatial identity in subjective image of citizens. This article is benefitted from descriptive- analytical method and review of texts and resources as data collection tools in platform of librarian studies as well as imaging documents, observation, and interview on case studies background.


Greenway; Visual system; Goharrood; Stability; Spatial identity.

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