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Effect of rectangular gold nanoparticles size on absorbtion enhancement of thinfilm solar cell


Recently, thin film solar cells enhanced by nanoparticles have attracted much attention of the scientific community. To improve the performance of such cells, a systematic study on the influence of the nanoparticle material on the efficiency of the enhancement is performed. Based on optimization of the nanoparticle array parameters, the role of dispersion and dissipation of the nanoparticle material is discussed and analyzed with respect to optical absorption of the photoactive layer. In this work, the effect of gold (Au) nanoparticles on the performance of a-thin film solar cells is investigated.The absorption enhancement of the silicon was systematically investigated via the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method was studied by calculating the enhancement factor by using the Lumerical FDTD simulation package. The plasmonic effect of the Au nanoparticles allows for additional scattering at the surface thus reducing the overall reflectivity. The larger the nanoparticle size the more scattering is obtained and the median reflectivity drops from about 23% to 18%.This structure may be used to develop highly efficient thin film solar cell


Rectangular Gold Nanoparticles; Solar Cell.

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