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Laboratory Study on Effects of Cylindrical Reinforcement Elements on the Mechanical Behavior Improvement of Sandy Soil


The idea of soil reinforcement has been under investigation with regard to the weakness of soil against tensile stresses and toward the improvement of mechanical properties of soils. A number of researchers have been studying the effect of using reinforcement element on mechanical behavior of soil. In most of these studies, reinforcement elements were considered in form of horizontal sheets or sheets with various angles in soil; while, they rarely tended to investigate the effect of “cylindrical reinforcement element”. This research paper tends to experimentally investigate the effect of cylindrical reinforcement element on the behavior of sandy soil, using environmental sandy soil materials. Major tests of this study were carried out using a large-scale direct shear apparatus (300×300×150 mm). The effect of reinforced sand column (bearing the diameter of 5 centimeters and the height of 15 centimeters) on increasing the load-bearing capacity and reducing settlement was investigated and assessed subject to vertical stresses (bearing the values of 50, 100, and 150 kPa). Results showed that shear stress and settlement of the reinforced sample, in comparison the non-reinforced sample, increased by 33.3% and decreased by 12.8%, respectively.


Cylindrical Reinforcement Element; Large-Scale Direct Shear Apparatus Test; Shear Stress; Settlement.

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