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Determining and Modeling Shearing Properties of Peppermint Stem


Peppermint plant has been considered by many researchers due to its valuable food and medical properties. Knowledge of the cutting force and energy of peppermint stem is essential for designing a specific peppermint harvesting machine. In the present research, moisture content and diameter of the plant was determined. Then, shearing strength and specific shearing energy and power requirement of the peppermint stem was determined at various loading rates from 150 to 1200 mm min-1 using a universal testing machine. The mean diameter of samples was obtained as 3.14 mm at moisture content of 65.78 %. With increasing of loading rate, the shearing strength and specific shearing energy of the samples were decreased whereas the specific power requirement was increased. The shearing strength was changed from 4.160 to 2.509 MPa, specific shearing energy values were between 13.567 and 11.886 mJ mm-2 and specific power requirement was varied from 3.705 to 18.512 mW mm-2. Different prediction models were developed to estimate the shearing characteristics at a desired loading rate.


Peppermint; Shearing strength; Energy; Power; Loading rate.

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