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Stagnation Point Flow of Ferromagnetic Particle-Fluid Suspension over a Stretching/Shrinking Surface in a Porous Medium with Heat Source/Sink


This paper investigates stagnation point flow and heat transfer of a ferromagnetic fluid made from a suspension of tiny magnetic particles in a liquid flow towards a flat stretching or shrinking surface through a porous medium with the existence of magnetic dipole. The influence of suction or injection parameters are also deliberated. By employing a suitable similarity approach, the resulting non-linear coupled ordinary differential equations are solved numerically by efficient Runge-Kutta scheme. The impact of controlling parameters, such as, ferromagnetic interaction parameter, porosity parameter, velocity parameter, heat source/sink parameter and wall mass flux parameter, on dimensionless velocity, temperature, skin friction coefficient, and Nusselt numbers are explained pictorially and tabular form. A comparison with already published studies in limited case revealed an excellent agreement.


Ferromagnetic fluid; Stretching/Shrinking sheet; Magnetic dipole; Heat source/sink; Wall mass flux; Stagnation point.

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