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Impact of relative vorticity on sea level fluctuations on the South coast of Caspian Sea


Sea level fluctuations are caused by some processes in the atmosphere and oceans. In this paper, the impact of wind induced relative vorticity (from zonal and Meridional wind components) associated with atmospheric low pressure cyclones on sea level elevation on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea has been investigated. In this research, hourly recorded Sea level data (ports & maritime organization) collected from during 2008-2009 in the Noshahr port. Meteorological data during this period have been extracted from NOAA database. These data include sea surface temperature (SST), the wind and atmospheric pressure field. Relative vorticity has been calculated using wind field data. The results showed that the maximum wind vorticities occur at low pressure occurrences. The results show that the relative vorticity and atmosphere low pressure cyclones are related together. The results also showed that low atmospheric pressure on the sea surface level is often in the form of an increase in the daily average of sea level. This confirms or (can indicate) the dominance of pressure inversion effect in the study region.


Relative Vorticity; The Caspian Sea; Low Atmospheric Pressure (Cyclone).

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