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The comparative comparison of different approaches to design process by Bryan Lawson view, by Studding the Alexander and Jon Lang views


One of the important design tendencies of 20th century that have influenced the half of this century architecture, the usage of data and new systems is a science that it is reminded as a scientific production . This view , that is observable in new architecture approaches in present century, tries that the architecture design process get out of the intuitive, based on feelings and design experiences process , and arrange it as a discipline and design direction . Finding a tool that can clearly and completely help designer in designing and arranging the design process and also help designer to make her/him sure about considering the all parameters in design problem. It is a long time that there is a question between the theoretician: that, is designing only a creative mental act and can’t clearly explain the it’s general structure or can explain the design process with think about different theories? Separate of affairs that are related to the quantity and quality of the designers speculative Knowledge, the nature of design makes hard to explaining its process although this process is a familiar and efficient between designers, in psychological view, design process is in tolerable work and needs much knowledge and study. Recognizing the designing methods can help us in understanding the process. General structure and designing policy. Psychologies believe that the designing work is a creative process that in it all the last conclusion of work drawing in designers mind, so designing isn’t only a lineal process but also is a direct comprehension by mental powers because of this the recognizing and explaining the quality of this intuitive and unaware process is hard and almost it is impossible. In this route the Bryan Lawson’s approach about design process in the “How designers think, the design process demystified” is thinkable. In present article furthermore we will recognize this view and study this book, we will do comparative comparison to Kristopher Alexander and Jon Lang’s views about design process.


Design process; Designer; Bryan Lawson; Kristopher Alexander; Jon Lang.

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