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Synthesis of polybutylacrilates by raft-polimerization using new iniferteres


Polyalkylacrylates with a narrow polydispersion were synthesized with RAFT polymerization of butyl acrylate using novel S-alkylarylthiophosphate type chain transfer agents. Well-defined polyalkylarylacrylates with a wide range of controlled molecular weight and narrow polydispersity (1.22<Mw/Mn<1.42) were obtained. Results indicate that the new S-alkylarylthiophosphate type chain transfer agents are effective for controlled/living RAFT polymerization of acrylates with different alkyl groups and polymerization process is well controlled. A linear increase of molecular weight occurred with respect to conversion and the polydispersity was relatively low.


Alkylaryldithiophosphatas, RAFT Polymerization, Polibuthylacrilates.

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